Materials manufacturing

About GIFT Building materials Manufacturing PLC.

Gift Building Materials Manufacturing PLC (GBMM), is one of the sister companies established by Mr. Gebreyesus Igata in February 2014, 9 years ago. It is a private business enterprise manufacturing and marketing building and construction materials and products. Gift Building Materials Manufacturing PLC has planned to engage in a variety of activities since its inception, and it expects to grow immensely and contribute significantly to the country’s economic and construction sector progress. Its operational history is marked by growth and expansion.

Gift Building Materials manufacturing has been mainly involved in the supply and fixing of aluminum, metal, and wood works of the projects of its sister company, Gift Real Estate (GRE) PLC. Also, it is steadily building its capability to enable it to deliver multiple projects with high quality, within the prescribed time, and in a cost-effective manner with maximum focus on client satisfaction. The trend of its performance in recent years is a testament to this situation.

In addition to these works, it was intended to produce and sell, Ready-mix concrete and related construction materials.


Continue to be profitable by increasing customer satisfaction and providing quality construction materials at affordable prices and on time using trained manpower and modern technology


Becoming the best in the domestic market by 2032 by producing high-quality construction inputs

Core Values

Putting quality first, Ensuring accountability and transparency in procedures, Following teamwork, Use the technology that requires time, Ensuring customer satisfaction, Ensuring industrial peace, Fulfilling social responsibility, Responsibility for environmental protection, Follow continuous quality management and practice


Ethiopia, Addis Ababa , Lemikura subcity, Ayat Feresbet