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About GIFT Real Estate

Leading real estate company Gift Real Estate plc was established with the goal of building opulent homes with contemporary amenities that encourage a comfortable lifestyle. Gift Real Estate is passionately committed to fusing top-notch technology, upbeat design, and impeccable attractiveness to expand the provision of superior homes and decent living.

Gift Real Estate is currently overseeing three stages (projects) at various locations in Addis Ababa. Phases One and Two are both situated in the CMC region, the most elite neighborhood in Addis. Ayat, which is considered to be the best area to reside, is where the Third Phase is situated (on the eastern edge of the city). 

With well-kept green spaces, kid-friendly parks, tennis and basketball courts, supermarkets, fitness centers, steam and sauna baths, and banks, Gift’s houses provide a regal ambiance.

The Gift’s guarantee is one of splendor and prestige, nothing less than a resort way of life in the magnificent CMC Community, with individual parking floors and a personal Jacuzzi. Gift’s Villas, Townhouses, and Apartments genuinely reflect the newest housing paradigms, giving off the impression that “home sweet home” has been redefined.


GRE’s mission is to provide cutting-edge residential and commercial properties that are designed and built specifically to meet the needs of customers, transforming their lifestyle to a higher standard 21st-century lifestyle.


Gift Real Estate aspires to be one of the leading real estate companies in East Africa’s real estate industry in the next 20 years, known for delivering functionally versatile, esthetically desirable, offering high value for money, modern residential and commercial properties for top, middle, and lower class segments of society in the urban markets in which it will operate.

Core Values

Keeping the customer first and making every possible effort to satisfy their needs and expectations Recognizing employees as the most important assets and ensuring their development and long-term growth Participating in the environmentally friendly development of community services Striving towards the attainment of corporate excellence through superior performance, quality services, and continuous improvement


Africa Avenue, Bahere Building, 9th Floor, addis ababa, Ethiopia