Steel manufacturing

Metal profiles and tubes. Different stainless steel products. 3d illustration
About GIFT Steel Manufacturing

Gift Steel Manufacturing PLC (GSM) is a private owned factory, which is engaged in the manufacturing of various types of Nails and Black Wire of different thickness since May 2000. Currently, GSM commenced the production of various types of Hollow Section products which are Square Hollow Section (SHS), Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS), Circular Hollow Section (CHS) & LTZ Profiles; and Sheet Metal products. Our plant is located south of Addis Ababa, capital city of Ethiopia, around Kality, next to CRDA with in 10,000 m2 plot of land. 

Though, due to large government projects, construction and infrastructure (increasing construction of housing and condominium), manufacturing industries (machinery and equipment), tooling, spare parts, components supply for manufacturing industry, transportation (Automotive, Railway) and other sectors, the demands of the reinforcement bar, steel structure and other basic metal products are extremely increasing from 2016/17-2026/27.

Since the potential demand drivers for basic metals are highly increasing from year to year though product mix may change through time. Furthermore, the industries in every sector depend on steel product for their structure, spare parts, components and fabrication.

The demand sweeps over a variety of markets to substitute imported raw materials in local context and with a potential to export markets in the region. The downstream markets for the demand drivers of basic metal product.

GNM made its place as a first private nail manufacturing plant and of course, a leading contender in hollow section & LTZ Profile productions in Ethiopia. It aims to bring high quality steel products to Ethiopian market through the use of world-class manufacturing technology. Hence, our plant is equipped with latest & high-tech machineries.

Our Silting machine, Cut-to-Length machine and Pipe Making Machine for the production of Hollow Section products; and our Furnace, Cutting and Drawing Machines for nails and black wire products enable us to manufacture our products as per international standard & customers’ requirements. 

Our products are suitable for home and office furniture – making works and fit for various construction works like housing, road, energy, etc.



Creating value to its shareholders and maximum satisfaction to its customers by producing and delivering demanded quantity and quality metal products with competitive price and swift service.


To be known as a prominent company in the metal industry sector by producing high quality products through latest technology and serving the market.

Core Values

Customer-focused Product/service excellence Corporate social & environmental responsibilities Integrity and high ethical standards Alignment of interests of its shareholders and employees for growth Equal employment opportunity Initiative, innovation; and realization of employees’ full potential Strong work culture, discipline


Kality Industry Village, addis ababa, Ethiopia