The Gift Business Group currently consists of Gift Trading plc, Gift Steal Manufacturing Industries plc, Gift Real Estate plc, Gift Building materials and Gift Construction plc, each of which is engaged in international commerce, manufacturing, construction, and real estate development.

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GIFT Trading

GIFT Trading Plc. is a wholesale distribution, import-export, foreign and domestic tenders, and omission agency established in 1992. Bitumen, asphalt, tiles, Vambond adhesive, paints, and more are among the product lines.

GIFT Steel Manufacturing

In May 2000, Gift Steal Manufacturing Companies Plc. was established in the Kality industrial district outside of Addis Ababa. The plant is situated on a 10,000 m2 plot of land and is outfitted with modern equipment and sufficient infrastructure.

GIFT Property Management

GPM provides a complete property and facility management service that will meet the needs of our clients and customers at an individual level by being capable of addressing service demands of a simple to intrinsically complex nature with fully digitalized operational structure that produces an easily adaptable system to achieve fluent, cost-effective real-time deliverables.

GIFT Real Estate

GIFT Real Estate Plc. is a company established in 2005. The company had a successful engagement in Real Estate development sectors. Gift Real Estate Plc. builds opulent villas, townhouses, and apartments in desirable areas.

GIFT Construction

Gift Construction plc, a contracting and construction firm headquartered in Addis Ababa, was founded in 2006. Gift Construction Plc. is a reputable provider of construction input products and building services. 

GIFT Building Materials Manufacturing

Gift Building Materials Manufacturing PLC (GBMM), was established in February 2014. It is a private business enterprise manufacturing and marketing building and construction materials and products.

Ato Gebreyesus Igata

Founder and CEO

Message from the Founder

First of all, let me appreciate you for coming to our website and taking an interest in our business. I sincerely trust we are able to give you the details you require. Gift Business Group takes great pleasure in everything we do, and the projects we have completed are proud illustrations of what can be accomplished when brilliant minds unite with the determination to change the world in which we live.

I firmly believe that when comparisons are made and experts take notes, it will be our tenacity, perseverance, foresight, and the technological advantage we experience over our rivals that will set us apart as Ethiopia’s fastest-rising real estate star.

The standards we expect for all of our projects, from domestic to commercial, from retail to large villages, include attention to detail, superior quality, resource optimization, and elegant aesthetics. When we construct, we make every effort to make the experience of living and working in a Gift Business Group genuinely unmatched, from initial concept to final product.


I’ve always been inspired by Ethiopia’s magnificent monuments, forts, and temples because I adore architecture. For future generations to wonder at, deft hands carved myths and magic into stone, showcasing not only our ancestors’ artistic temperament but also their extensive technical know-how.

We always strive to infuse our projects with a certain historical majesty that cannot be adequately expressed in words as we advance toward modernity and international architectural practices. As a result, our projects gain a certain classical flair that sets them apart as being both engineered for the present and planned for the future.

All properties bearing our brand would exhibit its enchantment, from cutting-edge, design-driven facades developed in close cooperation with our expert architects to plush, ultra-luxurious interiors created with consideration for the unique requirements of the markets we service. With every one of our properties, we keep raising the standard for opulent life in Ethiopia. From the beginning to the present, the path has been very difficult.

We’ve been able to demonstrate to our clients that we can follow through on our commitments, that we can take on new challenges with gusto, and that we can thrive in our performance because of our devoted team of professionals and employees.

We, the Gift Business Group Companies, have been moving forward to build landmark structures for our occupants based on this ideology. In the process of development, we not only make structures but also provide a setting that is favorable for making memories. Although we are a young business, we have a strong and diverse presence across a number of key real estate sectors.

We find ourselves well-equipped to leave our imprint on the history of the Gift Business Group in the upcoming years as new windows of opportunity open up. Therefore, let’s work together to explore the potential for a clean method of real estate development, construction, real estate selling and leasing, production of construction finishing materials, manufacturing of nails and steel, and trading with Gift Group businesses.

Wishing you all the best,

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