GIFT Trading

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About GIFT Trading

Gift Trading plc is a well-established company with all the facilities and resources required for the successful execution of business activities.

It has a skilled and driven staff, solid financial resources, suitable warehouses, and a sizable network of sales outlets.

With a fleet of trucks and vehicles at its command, Gift is also able to transport consignments and make deliveries on schedule.

Gift Trading Plc. has three locations and 18 representative offices spread out across the nation in a strategic and proportionate manner.

The offices give access to all of the main markets and a network of sales outlets.

The Trading Department also has access to four enormous warehouses with a combined total holding capacity of 8,633 m3.

Gift Trading plc. has heavily invested in both commercial and residential building projects as a result of its previous successful business ventures.

Gift Trading plc finished a four-story magnificent building in Adama town as well as three G+2 commercial and residential buildings near the Bole Airport in Addis Ababa.


The mission of Gift Trading PLC is to satisfy the needs of its customers by delivering quality products in the most convenient manner and at a competitive price through relentlessly engaging itself in export, import, wholesale distribution, commission agency, and tender business.


Gift Trading aspires to be one of the national market leaders in each and all of the business undertakings in which it competes.

Core Values

Customer centred, Professionalism, Result oriented, Diversity, Continuos Improvement, Exellence, Flexiblity 


AFRICAN AVENUE, Bahere building, 9th floor ,addis ababa, ethiopia