Training organized for college graduate trainees kicks off.

The Gift Business Group’s Phase II College graduate trainees have begun their training.

On-the-job training, coaching, and formal mentoring are all incorporated into the training.

The aim of the training is to equip the trainees with the knowledge, skills, and competencies that they need to perform well in their chosen career path.

It focuses on a specific function and also offers rotational exposure to different areas of the business.

The trainees can gain valuable insights into the culture, values, and vision of the Gift Business Group and learn from experienced professionals who can guide and support them along the way.

At the launch of the training, Deputy CEO of Gift Business Group, Mr. Solomon Debebe, said the trainees can acquire practical skills and knowledge that are relevant and applicable to their field of interest and enhance their resume.

The trainees can build a network of contacts and relationships that can help them advance their careers and open new doors for them in the future, he added.

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