The Gift Business Group is putting the adoption of technology into practice.

Recent years have seen a rapid evolution in real estate technology, and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies in this venerable sector promises to transform how business is done.

Thus, together with its sibling companies, Gift Business Group engages in a number of efforts to advance the adoption of technology.

The group is working with international organizations with the greatest real estate, construction, steel, and building material knowledge and experience.

The expertise of these organizations can increase the companies’ capacities.

It will also be feasible to put into practice effective performs by introducing the technology that the rest of the world has created in this area to our nation.

According to the Technology and The Future of Real Estate Investment Management report created by the University of Oxford, in 2022, 53% of digital real estate companies are now directly investing in technology. 42% of Statistic respondents confessed they see potential in Smart Building technologies, while 56% of respondents have already noticed the impact from the tech sphere.

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