The CEO calls on graduate trainees to bring about changes and work hard for company growth.

The Gift Business Group CEO, Mr. Gebreyesus Igata, has congratulated the college graduate trainees who graduated today.

Mr. Gebreyesus urged the trainees, who have successfully completed the training, to develop never-ending knowledge in their journey.

The graduate trainees should bring growth and change to Gift Business Group, the CEO said.

The CEO, who noted that the company needs a well-educated and skilled workforce to make the transformation a success, added that the graduates have a significant role to play in realizing the company’s ambition.

Appreciating the effort the company has been exerting to improve its capacity for training, Mr. Gebreyesus underlined the need for more attention to ensuring the quality of work.

The Gift Business Group D/CEO, Mr. Solomon Debebe, said that on his part, the company has been discharging its responsibilities by producing a professional work force, which helps to ensure the growth and development vision of the company.

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